Duke Energy Bad For Environment? Coal Ash Spill

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

In 2014, over 39,000 tons of coal ash spilled into Dan River, in Eden, North Carolina. Causing one of the largest spills in history! Millions of dollars in damage, recovery efforts, fines, and fees.

Due to the negligence within a Duke Energy owned facility they are now required to pay MILLIONS of dollars in fines to upgrade their infrastructure.

Who do you think they are going to pass this cost off to?


Thats the bad news....

Now the good news!

The federal government has now mandated Duke Energy go renewable energy by 2022!

To meet this mandate Duke Energy is building solar farms across the state. Duke Energy and the Federal Government are now incentivizing homeowners to go solar with a 30% tax credit, and duke rebate.

Duke Energy customers are receiving money from the federal government to go solar. Securing low monthly payments to own their very on solar system.

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